Terrence Malick

Open letter from ode to Terrence Malick
“Az Zahr. Askink for you maybe”

Thursday 2 July 2020,

Hello Terrence Malick,

I write here, it's maybe a way to find your eyes...
I wish to find your curiosity...
We are searching for someone able to get the essence of the Nature... to use nature video projected on a "Dome Geodesic" , for "Az Zahr"... A show with 3 dancers (from 3 country) and 3 circus people , climbing on a natural structure, in process.

that show is a very optimist project... trying to express the inexpressive things... we all will be in the same boat... trying to find the diamond of ourself... to question the humanity, and try to get a reason to do a show...

It's ambitious...
very ambitious
it's a play

we need you help for the picture ... we search for a sky ... thunderstorm... night...

i give that letter in the hand of the true mining of life...


Author: ode

Letter to Terrence Malick. Letter 1.

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