Tom Holland

Open letter from Luna.Gracia to Tom Holland
“Hello ^^”

Monday 17 February 2020,

hi tom holland, i'm luna i'm 15 years old and i'm french that's why you don't understand my letter too much ^^ as i'm not legal age i can't see you when you visit new york or whatever ... so here I send you this letter to congratulate you on your role! you at least you realize your dream of playing the role of spider-man besides I find that you do it very well! oh if you want to rob a bank i would be there if you want x), i think you should receive a lot of letters which will certainly not reach you but in case ^^ short! I already wanted to send you this letter to see if it is your TRUE address and to know if (I do not know if this letter will reach you and if it reaches you I would not know it so I would like to know if you have received) could (I would have liked you to invite me to one of your "shootings" but it is impossible for the film so that I can see how it goes and finally be able to meet you but it is impossible) so j '' would like that to prove it to me either you send me a letter or you realize my challenge by putting it on Instagram it's simple you mix ketchup and mustard (same dose unless you prefer more spicy therefore more mustard or not spicy more ketchup ) with rusks or toast but no bread at its best ^^ voili voilou ^^ I think you, Jacob and Zendaya are your trio and just TOO GOOD! and jake (mysterio) too well! ... and I think you are super funny, you seem to be the kind of friends who laugh all the time if we have problems called, if your friends kill without wanting to call you XD so I have several questions. .. 1- Do you really want to rob a bank if you had its powers? 2- What else would you do if you had them? 3- Can you tell me how to reach this stage? 4- do you like to be so famous? 5- have as many fans? 6- With your brothers, it's like there has never been an XD problem, but it's not true, is it ? 7- if yes for something serious or for everything and for nothing ? 8 -... can I meet you one day ?

3bis place de la mairie sommedieue France 55320

Author: Luna.Gracia

Letter to Tom Holland. Letter 6.

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