Keanu Reeves

Open letter from Ivan to Keanu Reeves
“Desperate need of help”

Friday 4 September 2020,

Hello Keanu, I decided to write to you because I still believe in miracles ; first of all I want to say thank you becouse you are an example of life, I know some of the many things you did helping other people. My soul hurts, believe me this is not a letter trying to take advantage of your good sentiment, this is an honest help request. I moved to a foreign country about a year ago, things become getting harder in economical matter and I taked a loan in my original country in order to fix the situation. But nothing got better, I now find myself with a dept of about 20.000 dollars and no way to pay nothing of it, no way to return to my country. I moved here for love and I only caused problems to my my family in my country and my wife here. I desperetely request your help. Please believe me that I need and I just hope you can open your heart and help me to have back my dignity as person. Thank you very much in advance if you can take the time to read these lines.

Author: Ivan

Letter to Keanu Reeves. Letter 18.

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