Letter to Keanu Reeves

Open letter from Alicia Sanhouse to Keanu Reeves
“Please, give me 5 minutes of your valuable time”

Friday 5 February 2021,

Buenos días Keanu Reeves,

Let me introduce myself to you:
My name is Alicia Sanhouse, I am 57 years old, I am divorced, mother of two children, by profession Pharmacist, with over 20 years of work experience, devoted member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since I was 17 years old. ; and, as a deeply relevant piece of information on this occasion, I must tell you that I AM VENEZUELAN.
Yes, Venezuelan, I was born in a blessed land, flooded with great natural and mineral reserves, a country that has everything, but whose most precious wealth is the warmth of its people: nobles, humorists, optimists and tireless workers, but unfortunately in Today time, it is mired in overwhelming and devastating destruction that has left all of us citizens almost in a state of destitution and slavery. With three jobs, my income is barely enough to eat.
Really friends, the situation we are experiencing in my country is very regrettable; This is why, among other things, many compatriots have decided to emigrate, in search of better life opportunities; although, sadly, many die trying. Just a few days ago, a shipwreck of a boat that tried to reach the island of Trinidad, left a balance of 36 deaths, including small children; something that should never have happened.
In my case, I intend to emigrate in order to save my life; because at this pace of life and work, my health has been quite deteriorated, and acquiring all my medications every month is an impossible task.
I write to you with the desire to touch your souls with my words so that you can use the power of Mercy and the love that exists in each one of you, so that you can bless me with your kind financial contribution that allows me to gather the resources I need to emigrate together with my daughter to Mexico.
My oldest son, who is a 24-year-old boy, lives in Mexico. He left the country 4 years ago and in Mexico they received him and gave him humanitarian asylum; I will be forever grateful for all the help he received from the beautiful Mexican people. The fact is that he also has the opportunity to request my humanitarian asylum and that of his sister; he is currently doing these procedures. He managed to save money to give us air tickets from Bogotá Colombia to Culiacán –Sinaloa. He even already prepared a place to settle us.
But we need the resources to travel from Venezuela to Bogotá - Colombia. Sadly we do not have any money for that trip, as I explained before, all our savings from years of work disappeared, due to the changes in the monetary cone. Honestly, it saddens me to turn to the charity of family and friends to achieve this goal, but honestly, I will not be able to raise the money in such a short time, in a Venezuela where salaries are so below the price of the food basket.
Please friends, help me!. Save my life and help me improve my health, to give a better quality of life to my daughter, who is a very talented Graphic Designer, a true artist. We have plans to travel in April 2021.
God bless and reward you enormously for your gesture of love and mercy with me and my family. I promise you that your help will be adequately managed to achieve the stated objective.
Infinite thanks for your support and consideration.
Alicia Sanhouse


Author: Alicia Sanhouse

Letter to Keanu Reeves. Letter 22.

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