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Open letter from sonia to Keanu Reeves
“Pubblicare un libro e parlare con keanu revees”

Saturday 13 July 2019,

hello im italian. Sonia... i try to contact you, like many people... but i do it beacuse I known you open a edition store.. and i would like a contact for a book life i wrote... and maybe pass a day talking. with you... hopening that a dream came true....Im sure that if I have this opportunity it will be a success... and then, seeing that you are a simple person lovely would be spend time a day talking.. I can also came to canada as a meeting ...have my doughter live waiting for a dream to change my life... I great... and wishining you a lovely dayfull of positive things......

Author: sonia

Letter to Keanu Reeves. Letter 8.

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  1. Write a book with your help and have a brunch too

    Hello my name s Sonia. I try to contact you... like many people. I live in Italy... I would like to speak to you beacuse I knowing you have opening a book store. my wish is so having a opportunity with your help to write a book of my life... and i m sure it have a discret success. its very very hard contact you.. its like a miracle....! I don't go a lot arround like normal people... i like yoga... be alone and read books or dream that I drive a moto and go see the world (can only dream for now) anyway I say that every thing can be possible and magic maibe also my story... hope you read my letter. and maiby having a brunch togherther talking of my project. maybe also a ride on your motorcycle... thanking you first.. you can contact me by e-mail...

    1 year ago, by sonia

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