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Ingeborga DapkunaiteIngeborga Dapkūnaitė (born January 20, 1963) is a Lithuanian actress, who is starring mostly in Russian movies. She has had a number of minor roles in some top Hollywood movies including Mission: Impossible (1996) and Seven Years in Tibet (1997), the latter of which featured her as the wife of Heinrich Harrer (played by Brad Pitt). She is best known in European film for her portrayal of Maroussia, the wife of Colonel Sergei Kotov (portrayed by Nikita Mikhalkov) in Mikhalkov's Academy Award-winning film Burnt by the Sun (1994). She also portrayed the Russian Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna in the 2003 British mini-series "The Lost Prince", and was mother to Thomas Harris's fictional cannibal and serial killer, also known to be of Lithuanian origins, Hannibal Lecter, in Hannibal Rising (2007). On television, she has featured as partner to Alexander Zhulin in Ice Age, Russian version of Stars on Ice. In addition, she portrays a Bosnian refugee in Prime Suspect 6, costarring Helen Mirren.
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