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Open letter from Mahfuza Mustapha to Ayhan Özen
“Diary of a fan - yemin season 2, from malaysia”

Wednesday 11 September 2019,

Dear Sir and Hello Ayhan Özen,
Good Day.

My name is Mahfuza and I am an ardent fan of Yemin.

Firstly, I hope this email would come to your attention Sir. I would like to humbly convey my heartiest THANK YOU for your brilliant work on Yemin. Your beautiful ways of creating that intimate scenes between Reyhan and Emir are simply breathtaking. There were no explicit sexual scenes but the development of love between them in season 1 and currently season 2 were done tastefully and modestly. The development of main characters are beautifully crafted too.

The storyline and plots are also unique and brilliantly crafted. Thank you and congratulations to you and Yemin Team.

Sir, We would like to seek your kind help to ask Yemin producers to provide the English subtitles for Yemin Season 2 as soon as possible please.

For your kind info, the outcries from Yemin fans from all over the world, begging for English subtitles seems to fall on "deaf ears" of Yemin Producers. A bit sad and dissappointed.

For the last 2 days, if you check out youtube, the viewers for Yemin season 2 as of today 11 Sept was more than 500K views. The non Turkish language viewers waited in anticipation for the upload or some fans, like me, watched it on real time via live streaming, but without English subs. We are at the mercy of some truly kind-hearted fans. As a fan from Malaysia with 5 hours difference, I woke up at abt 1145 PM to catch Yemin live stream on Kanal 7 at 1100 hrs Turkey time.

The kind gestures from a handful fans sharing the summary of episode 71 and 72, is so sweet. We are so grateful. Others actually helped to translate and upload in dailymotion (VDO.COM) but for 10 minutes of Ep 71 only due to technical blocking. But, we direly need the English subtitles.

Personally, I have even reached out to Kanal 7 requesting for that English subs. But there was no respond at all.

Well, despite of not understanding the Turkish language, except the word Tamam and Seni Seviyorum , I have endured and still watched Yemin 2 nights consecutively at abt 12 midnight Malaysia time. Why? For the love of Yemin The happiness it gave me, watching Emir and Reyhan gave that beautiful, loving and longing glance at each other. And the excitement of Kemal new love adventure.

Another plus point, I am happy to be connected with the fans for the same reason, our love for Yemin. Hoping and praying you Sir, can help us to urge Yemin producers for that English subs soon. Thank you.

Warmest regards

Author: Mahfuza Mustapha

Letter to Ayhan Özen. Letter 1.

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