Letter to Christopher Nolan

Open letter from Francesco Mosciaro to Christopher Nolan
“Per favore Dio mi risponda”

Thursday 21 October 2021,

Buongiorno Christopher Nolan,

since at the moment I am in a Cynic of a town in my city and it turns out that to get my resignation I have to threaten or even kill someone 🤣 I'm kidding, but the situation is almost really like that. I would have and had already pinned it to an email I sent you. I already have the sound theme in my hands and the others too ... I know you have been working for some time with Hans Zimmer a great conductor ❤, but I am the best I would say very little😅🤣. I would not want to be a cause of quarrel between the two, but business is also business ... So it was once said. The script would be titled Stryx or the one that started all the urban legends that are known. But the plot is poorly constructed, an opinion on the field would be needed to broaden a discussion. I already have some knowledge of some Girl / Friend who could take part in the right Opera 2 0 3 at the Miniatures I could already think I then ... maybe I dream too much some special effect would be needed ... and I learned something thanks to the events of Stephen King another great Creator, but I would say that she too or if I can call her you is a great Director but maybe doing too much ass-licking would compromise a new friendship?
here in the end I think they make me look like starving again to wander in the cosmic nothingness that exists between the streets of Italy and Europe😒😊👍😔🥱

Author: Francesco Mosciaro

Letter to Christopher Nolan. Letter 4.

One comment on this letter to Christopher Nolan
  1. Buongiorno Christopher Nolan,

    Next Movie for the Batman Saga? Imagine it was...(!?)
    A new villain who put them all to sleep and murdered the most "Annoying" and then kept the Videos and put them through the Apocalypse scenario? Truly Satanic They called him the Stage Manager almost a sort of Jocker-like Tyrant but then you go to the one you have already seen and heard, maybe like Quentin Tarantino where real movies were sold on the Internet to the most spoiled.
    Actually it's not really bad😄👍, but for Batman the law is the Law.

    1 month ago, by Francesco Mosciaro

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