Letter to Élise Lucet

Open letter from kays franck to Élise Lucet
“You should investigate this matter”

Tuesday 27 December 2016,

Hello Élise Lucet, Take time to investigate this.
This story is involving powerful humanitarian organizations like UNHCR, UN and IOM, powerful men of Sudan, Chad, D.R.Congo and Central African Republic. Here you will hear the name of the founder of Microsoft Office, Williams Henry Gates III (Bill Gates), many times. And I will tell you about me, Kay's Franck, an African researcher in the field of languages. The story is long but you will not have time to feel annoyed because it is full of emotions. And what do I expect of you after the reading? Well, nothing more than what you know to do the best: to investigate and to inform the world about what they should know. You have very little time to do it. First of all, I am sending a copy of this letter to the biggest number of newspapers of our world in three languages, English, French and Spanish. In the following lines I am going to tell you who I am, what I have, what I face and what I need.
who am I?
I am an African man from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I never had the chance to make real secular studies. I did not complete secondary school and I have never got in a classroom of a university but I made AMAZING DISCOVERIES in field of languages. I speak fluently or fairly an amount of 10 languages. I dedicated 15 years in researches and I succeeded to create a language that will be spoken in the entire world. The job is complete to the lightest details. About three Yeats ago Bill Gates made an offer of funding for the person who will find the best condom. You can find the real moment of the beginning of this story by checking when that proposal was made. It was the beginning of long days of all kind of pains because I made the mistake to show what I have to Williams Henry Gates III. He was amazed and approached me by the means professionals of e-intelligence like him have. My account on LinkedIn was not created by me. Somebody hacked my email box and did it. Get in LinkedIn and find the group "applied linguistics" there you will know more about my gift of languages. From that time I experienced nameless trials and deprivations while I was fighting to give to the world what was given me. But you may ask what can be there in Africa to attack the sight of such a big man like the creator of Microsoft Office?
What do I have?
I have just said that I have a gift. I can study a language in less than four months. I will speak it, write it and be able to quarrel in that language. But if I reach one year of study of a new language I can write a textbook of the grammar of the language and even create an alphabet to the language if it has none. But keep in mind that I have never reached university. Still with this I speak fluently English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Lingala that is the main language of D.R.Congo. Beside these I can make a fair conversation or just hear what is said in five other languages. But this is not what moved Bill Gates and others to hunt me. I made four amazing discoveries. The one I am the most proud of is the project of the universal language. If you ask me how will you teach the same language to more than 7,000,000,000 people I know what to say. If you ask about the grammatical rules of that language or about its scriptural form or about how it will coexist with the thousands of languages we have today I know how to answer all these questions. But like I said this project is the best still I also found the way to make blind people write, read and watch TV. No blind will ever need a person to guide him. And if the thing reaches where I hope blind people will be able to see as far as machines. The third project is about the universal school. All the children of the world will learn the same things no matter who they are or where they are or what they have. Diplomas and certificates will be equal no matter where you go and the language in which you studied. And my last project that is complete is the project of the storing of human intelligence in computers. Each inhabitant of this planet will be able to give his knowledge to build our world. And even after death we will still have the possibility to consult and ask for advice to anyone who was here on earth. I have other projects that are just as big as these but that I have not yet completed. And this is what makes me pass all the sufferings I experience and that move me to write this message to you.
What do I face?
I chose to start this story when I was going out of Congo to try to reach Europe for help. I will present it by themes according to the country where I was when the events took place. I will give the lightest details and I vow here to say things only as they took place. But let it be known that I am not trying to feel the Internet with some story of sensation. I am in danger so I want the truth to be known before I am taken away. I will not speak about Bill Gates in the following part but like I said it some lines ago he is the first person I told about my discoveries. Therefore, I accuse him of being directly involved in what I am saying here or of being moving cards behind the curtain. So let him defend himself. But if he says that he knows nothing of all I say here come back to ask me why I say that he has a part of responsibility in this problem. But do not turn your attention away from the real target. My life and my researches are in danger so before going to Bill Gates go to ask to those who are hunting me what they want. Then come to me if you have a proposal to make for us to permit the world to receive what I fight to protect to sweat and blood for so many years.
In D.R.Congo
I was sent to Congo after 15 days of denial of food when I was in the cell of the service of immigration of Khartoum in Sudan. UNHCR is the causer of that imprisonment. I will come back on it at the last part of this message when I will be speaking about how humanitarian organizations and my own brothers got involved in this hunting party. International Organization for Migration was called the 13th day of my strike to register me and send me back to my country. And when I made a crisis the 15th day everything was brought and I was in a plane to Addis Ababa and from there to Kinshasa. My parents live in Gabon. And my relatives of Congo knew of my arrival when I landed in Kinshasa. Nobody was waiting for me. Nothing was arranged for me to live in my country that I left at the age of 2. I am 38 since May 2016. But in February of this year I passed some hours on the road calling to know where to pass the night. Was it that IOM was informed of my case too late for them to help me go back properly? I do not know. But what is true is that when UNHCR called the police to arrest me I was blocking one of their doors for them to find a way for me to be sent back to my country. I will give more details soon. I went to MONUSCO (UN branch in Congo). And the office of human rights called the police after hearing everything I experienced in Sudan. So I decided to take the long and risky way from Congo to Libya passing by where I am now for me to receive help in Europe. When going out of congo the next country I crossed was Center African Republic.
Central African Republic
When I reached Sudan before being sent to Congo like a baggage I did my best to get in contact with my brothers. It has been 15 years that I was between sky and land and I wanted to tell them that I have finished what I was running for and that they could be proud of me. They were partly treacherous and partly jealous. So the two months I made in Congo I spent them mainly trying to show to my brothers that I made amazing discoveries and that I needed help to publish them. My hunters found a sure way to trace me. I was speaking with my brothers daily so they could know where I was and where I wanted to go. My brothers already helped them to lock me up in Sudan so in Central African Republic the sons of mister my father were just passing ahead in the new job they got. The money IOM gave me is what helped me to reach Bangui. I passed to Kaga-bandoro without delay because I felt in danger because of the political situation of the country in May of this year and also because I did not want to lose time. In kaga-bandoro my brothers were insisting for me to stay there. In fact, they have insisted for me to stay everywhere I reached for them to prepare how to catch me. When I understood their plan I decided to pass to Ndélé. In Bangui I met a young man of Congo. He says he is 20 but I should confess that I do not know who he is and what he wants till now. He helped me to overcome some of the bitterest trials I faced since I cross the boundary of Central African Republic but I do not know why. I will talk very little about him. But when you will get to me I will tell you anything you want. Well, I reached in Ndélé in August 8, 2016. The document I have taken at the boundary of the country expired the same day. The following morning I went to see the Prefect of the city and told him about me as being a teacher and I showed him all my documents. Then I asked for one or two days to leave the country since Ndélé is not far from the boundary with Chad and Sudan. The man said that my document had expired and since they could not make a new one for me there I had to go back to Bangui. This city that is the capital of the country is at the boundary with my country. So I felt it to be a masked way to send me back to Congo. He called the police commissioner of the city and his adjunct and invited three high officers of UN with all their imposing and fear inspiring clothes. The 6 men concluded that I had to be kept in jail till when an occasion would be found to carry me back.
I felt it to be real and pure injustice. One of the chiefs policemen of UN who was invited to that sadistic game was from D.R.Congo. And he had the charge to make me feel that this decision was the best since he was also from the province of my fathers. He spoke in Tshiluba with me and told me that the country was in trouble so I had to bend to what was said to me. I asked him to tell me why I had to be kept in jail. So using his UN power he obtained that I remain in custody without being locked up. I ran that evening to the Internet to quarrel with my brothers because I knew that if this man had it all so well arranged it was because somebody told him that I was arriving in the city. I told Didier and all his allies to say whatever they want to our mama but if I was sent back I would commit a suicide. Believe me in what I say here because it is true. But the message I sent in whatapp to my brothers blocked the decision of a Prefect, two big policemen of the country and three policemen of UN. Write my name, Kay's Franck, on Facebook and you will find the story published on my page with more details. But after that they had to find a new way to keep me there. So the Prefect who is a legal authority under the government of Central Africa went to see the rebels who are their opponents to sell my skin to these lawless men. Rebels said more than one time in front of me that I was somebody important since the Prefect himself came to ask them to take charge of me. But why? What did I take from them that they cannot ask openly? Why should they wlways use these pratices of mistreatments and hurt? Well, after a long series of days I went back to ask my brothers what they wanted. We were speaking everyday but not always about what they had to report to their chiefs. The rebels of FPRC told me that they needed time to investigate about me. So we were sleeping in a police station on the ground and fighting as we could to eat daily. In fact, these foolish African people that I use as brothers were just the screen. Real characters, that I consider William Henry Gates III to be one of, never show up. But when I went to my brothers I told them to send a negotiator to me for us to speak. Right after that conversation on whatapp, less than 10 minutes after my request to my brothers, Ali Senoussi who was the secretary of the zone commissioner Babakar Adam came to tell me that I should give my telephone as pledge and go to find a place to stay in the city and make business and live there. I answered that I never spoke about living in Ndélé and as for giving my telephone that I use as a weapon to tell about everything they are dong to me if they really wanted it they had to put a gun on my forehead and pull the trigger before getting it. Ali went and never come back. I felt offended and went to ask to my brothers if this was their way to negotiate with me about things that are mine. I told them that since they wanted to see how far I could go I was on my way to show it to them. I went to the police where we were sleeping on the ground with Augustin and I told him to pack the two or three bags that we had and to walk. Policemen chased after us and brought me back to the jail. They beat me to blood and tied me. I spent hours on my blood without any help. Some hours later they sent a police boy to untie me and to tell me that I had the right to go to stay out like before and if I remain quiet everything would be alright for me. I told him to go and tell his chief that I would not eat nor drink until he comes to give me my telephone. In fact, after caressing me with their batons their took the only thing that really mattered for them: my telephone. Four days later the commissioner tried more than one time to make me bend to them and stop my strike but I stood firm. In despair he used cunning to take me out of the jail because since the day they flogged me I remained there waiting for my telephone and fasting. I went more than one time to the office of human rights of MINUSCA in Ndélé for help and Madame Levi told me that since I was persecuted and tortured for my discoveries UN institutions could nothing for me. I will give proofs of what I say here in the part where I will talk about humanitarian organizations. But the topic is addressed in my publication on my page on Facebook and there is a will that I wrote about what should be done if they succeeded to catch me. But what I did not say in Facebook is that after that torture seance I arranged for Augustin and me to flee from the city of Ndélé and we crossed the bush over almost 360 km. I saw savage beasts in real. We crossed dirty water that we often drank. We slept in the bush with a dying fire or in a hostile Muslim village. The war in central African was between Muslims and Christians. So you risked your life by crossing the land of one of the protagonists if you looked like being from the other group. The distance, the bad food and water, the risk of snakes attacks and of diseases was not the worst matter. The worst thing to face was these children with weapons who were in all sides of the playground.
When we left Ndélé, the day had not yet raised but when they realised that we were no more they sent a group of four young men with weapons ak-47 and machetes to hunt us. I think that since I said to all in the country that Augustin was my son and I revealed to UN office of human rights, that had no mandate to help researchers, that Augustin was not what I made all of them to believe they sent these young men to move Augustin to deny me and they would charge me with the crime of having stolen a child and they could kill me. They came on motorcycles and took us with them to the bush and insisted for the Auguy to say that I am not his father. All the while one of them had a machete waiting for the order when I was in front of him on my knees. Augustin stuck to the assertion that I was his father and they took all they found good and left. But if representatives of the government of a country are ready to make alliances with lawless killers with the approved support of UN I ask you to tell me where I could hide. I had to keep running with hope that one day I will receive help. I was beaten and locked up the first time I came to Sudan but I felt that the road would be shorter to reach Libya by Sudan than by Chad. In any case those hunting me could catch no matter where I would chose to go.
In Sudan
We were helped by a man who presented himself like a generous trader and who took us in his trading car from Mahamoun in Central Africa to Amdoukhoun in Sudan. He just let us take place in his house and even though I said that I wanted to reach Nyala but I did not have money he did not seem to be disturb by having two new mouths to feed for an undetermined time. If we say that he felt pity because of what I told them that I experienced in Central Africa it comes clear and humanist to see him fighting to keep me in his house and doing his best for me not to go to the authorities of the city to introduce myself. But if we take into consideration that several times we had been offered to go back even to Bangui in the south of the country free we should wonder if there was not anything behind his generous mask. I said that I wanted to do it and he answered all the time that I should not even think about it. If I did I would be thrown out of Sudan immediately. But I knew what is Sudanese police. And I knew what I faced some days ago. So I went to see the authorities. I did it in a way that took all the players of this demonic game by surprise. I wrote a letter to the highest authorities of the country. I offered Sudan to share in what I found. I join here the copy in Arabic of the letter where I present myself like a teacher having found the way to gather all the languages of our world in one. I invited authorities of that country to join me in making this project become a reality. But instead of that I was obliged to fast three days because they put me in jail. If they had put me in jail in Amdoukhoun I would have felt it to be fair. But the governor of Amdoukhoun, Mahamoud Soussal, with the second highest authority of the city, Mahamat Hassan +249-0911914311 gave me money and arranged for me to go to meet the secretary of the state in the city of Zalingie. Mister Mahamat Hassan was given a choice from me. They could let me cross the country and pass my way or accept what I was offering and let us make it. But since I was at the first city of the country I still could be thrown out or put in prison like they love to do it. But he called the accountant of his office and took out money that he said having received mandate from Khartoum to give me and he made us take a bus that we did not pay to go to present my project to the secretary of he state in Zalingie. According to me whether they were too knocked out by what I did by offering my discoveries to a country where I have been locked up one year ago, beaten and sent back to my country with the bluntest humiliation imaginable or they really planned to make me pass more inside the country to catch me better with the charge of illegal immigration. But they just did it in the wrong way because I gave here the names and numbers of high authorities of a country who gave me money from the account of the state and not from their pocket for me to pass in the country. Well, it was in Zalingie that I had to meet the new negotiator. But the man who was at the reception of his office made sure that for the whole day of that Thursday, November 17th, 2016 I am not granted to meet the secretary of the state. I felt what was in store for me. In Sudan Saturday and Sunday are resting days. By giving me appointment to Monday they could catch me before. I left the office of the secretary of the state and went to introduce myself to police. And like the prophecy said it they took me to jail as illegal immigrant. I shouted that I had been "bribed" for me to reach there so they had to see it with the authorities who did it. But I had been beaten and kept in cell with the child. When they fail to make me eat in that dirty place they came to carry me to court of justice. I was really carried by four men, each one holding one of my members and I was put in a pickup car and at the court they took me down in the same way.
Now, let me tell you the parody of justice that was done that day. The police who came to be with me in front of the judge told me later that the judge was called that morning and he felt lost about the sentence to pronounce against such a case. They told him to repatriate me to Congo. When I appear in the room he was writing. He rose his eyes just to notice that I was around with two policemen one at each of my sides. He asked the policeman who told me about their demonic plan and the man said that I was illegal in the country. He passed immediately to reading the Sudanese law about illegal migration to me and end up sentencing me to be repatriated to Congo. I was charmed by the beautiful Arabic he was speaking so I did not have time to realise that it was about me. Sudanese people have a dialectal form of Arabic that is not written and that is spoken only in that country. So it is rare to meet people speaking classic Arabic. But my enchantment was short because in less than ten minutes and without any word from me the judge was writing the document of my condemnation. I shouted that it was unfair to judge somebody without hearing him. He told me to speak when I insisted too much to have the right to do it and defend myself. But when I started my speech about how I got in the country he gave the document of the sentence to the cop and looked at me to listen to what I insisted so much to say. But I understood that I had to say things that were valueless. So I shut up after uttering two or three sentences. When we got out of there the judge passed beside me and with a sight of pity he told me that he had to do his job. And I had to see it with the police. And it is what I did. I dealt with the cops to bring back equilibrium on the balance of Justice of Zalingie.
When we arrived at the police station I told the man in charge of us that day that I agreed to eat. He even helped in giving some money for me to go to the market and break my three days of fast. I took the right direction but after eating we went to UNAMID that is the branch of UN in Sudan. The boy and I passed the night of Sunday 20th of November 2016 in the park of UNAMID counting stars before the sleep takes us away and we wake up by songs of early birds. They denied me the right to speak to the office of human rights of UN and said that I had to go to UNHCR and they generously took me there after giving us a humanitarian breakfast. I spoke with Mister Hassan Saleh with all this story but I did not tell him what was my historical with UNHCR in Sudan. He too had received orders about me and he took me to the police and expected that I would be locked up so he would never have to come over the matter again. He gave me his number but closed the phone. When he saw me again in front of him the following day to ask him why he did not come back like he promised he threatened me to call the police because I escaped again. I told him that I have not been put in jail. And I reported to no one about my movements I was waiting there for UNHCR to help or for me to go to Congo. He called the police anyways. But it was fine because other employees of UN there intervened in that wordy fight to find a ground of understanding. I told him that people spread the report about my mad state saying that I pretend that I am hunted because of my discoveries in languages. And they use to say that nobody can be killed because he invented a language. When I said this he looked at the man at his side and repeated my words like someone who was hearing two tines the same sentence from two different mouths. He could not hide his amazement. But when I took out the card of the senior officer of the service of protection in Khartoum Hassan was shocked and he left the room. A man that was there as the representative of the Sudanese police in charge of deciding who can receive humanitarian protection and assistance took me back to the police station. The following day I went back to UNAMID and was shouted on by the man in charge of the security after they made me pass the test of self-control by sending people who were asking tontell about my matter sometime with provoking words. But I took it like their way to make me cool down while the deal was on way to decide about what to do with me. And at last the man in charge of security came and shouted that he sent me to UNHCR so I had no reason to come back to them. I felt that with all the UN soldiers around me the raise of the voice would be the excuse they were looking for. I told him how it was with UNHCR since my last visit in their facilities. And he retorted that i was not the first he dealt with who pretended to flee for his life. So I had to do what he told me and stop disturbing the world. He dealt with Nigerians, Liberians, Cameroonians and many others. My answer was: ''you dealt with so much people that for you we are no more people but just cases. So you often say that you have to deal with a Cameroonian, Congolese or Nigerian case." There was a crowd of people because it was the end of the time of work for that day. If you succeed to get in contact with UNAMID in Zalingie a good number of UN soldiers of East Africa who are in post there will tell you that I am not lying in anything I say here. Well, the Congolese case was sent back to Hassan Saleh of UNHCR in Zalingie. He changed his mood and they even helped by giving me the money we used to survive till last two weeks. They also gave me their telephone numbers that police of the boundary of Chad took from me at the city of Tina at the north border of Sudan. Police of each new border I was crossing had the charge to delete disturbing proofs among my documents. Sudanese police in Amdoukhoun took away the document that rebels gave me after going out of their jail. That document had the phone number of one of the generals who had my matter in hand. The chief in charge of the office of police that is close to WFP facilities in Zalingie in Sudan at the left hand when you are in front of WFP. As for police of Chad at the border of Sudan took the numbers of UNHCR workers, the document of the court that was expelling me from the country after a governor let me in and a card that was proving that I really lived in Sudan in 2015 and that authorities of that country had no right to detain me like an illegal immigrant. But when I went back to Hassan and they kindly help I arrived at the office of police of migration and they had packed all our goods and were waiting for me to come and receive the document of the court and go out of the country. They payed for us till the next bus station and arranged for me to go my way till Geneina without the least police at my side. With the numbers of UNHCR officers, the order of the court and so few money they were waiting for me at Gineina to handle me over to allies of the next boundary: Chadians. I could foresee it like the punctuation mark that comes at the end of an interrogative sentence can be foreseen. I loaded up for Tina.
But at my arrival at Tina Sudan the 23th of November 2016 a policeman was standing at the bus station looking for someone with his eyes. The car parked and at my touching the ground he asked me my documents. I showed the decision of the Court. But he shook the head and told me to get all my goods down and to go with him to the police. I told Augustin to take things down and to say that I went to ease myself. Then I fled to UNAMID of Tina Sudan. Reaching there soldiers of UN did not how to handle the matter. They called and were told that their mandate was to help people of Darfur who were in danger and they had tonl tell me to surrender. Like MONUSCO, MUNISCA and UNAMID in Zalingie UNAMID in Tina Sudan did not have mandate to help me so I had to get away. I did not comply. They caught me, tied me and took me to the cops. These ones gave us an old dirty cell that was no more in use because the shelter had been taken away. Visibly people escaped by there. It was an open cell but it was a cell. We passed two days there and the third days they showed their real face. They registered us among the travelers going to Gineina. When waiting for the bus to go we fled and entered in Chad. I am still in Chad but I fled again from the city of Chad that is called Tina also. The day we got in Chad there was a control at a barrier of police where they use to control only drivers. Well, I say that they recognized my ugly face of Congolese and they could not let it pass. But they kept us in the compound of the police station in this cold temperature of December for one week. I never imagine that in this part of the world close to sahara desert it could be so cold. We covered with plastics and clothes of people who have been arrested there and left them there. In fact, when I went out of Congo I left everything of the nothing that remained to me when I was sent back by IOM. So it has been more than 7 months that I survive with enough clothes to fill the bag of a child of primary school. So facing the cold of this place has been a real challenge. But policemen of Chad asks me to pay for me to pass like it has to be according to the rules. But when police saw that I still had enough to pay they told me to go and remain in the police while they are making a decision about me. One week later they told me to go to look for a place to stay in the city but by no mean should I leave the city. But I am now in Iriba that is some 50 km from the boundary of Sudan going westward. UNHCR here is my new adversarynin this battlefield. And since it botbthe first time I have to fight against NGOs let me speak about it in a difetent part. But I stroke again by fasting during three days to oppose the decision that UNHCR took and imposed me to accept. The strike of hurting myself is the only weapon that could work during all these months of suffering. I fasted three times in Sudan, six days, fifteen days and the last time three days. I faster in Central African republic height days and I fasted in Chad two times one day and three days. Like you can see it at each level of my story there have Ben NGOs, powerful men and me. Let me speak deeper about the implication of NGOs in this game.
The humanitarian organizations
The first time an NGO crossed my life in this game it was in Farchana last year. I felt already fed up of waiting for Bill Gates to come out with help and I decided to leave Chad and to go where I am going now: Europe. Apparently he made alliances with people who are asking more than what he thought. And like I said at the beginning of this letter Bill Gates may be playing behind the veil. Still, I should say that when I fasted in Farchana it was that Mister Ali who was the head of UNHCR at that moment in that city told me to go to sleep at the police station and come back to him the following day. I was immediately put in a dirty cell. And at that time I could talk to Bill Gates through my telephone without calling. I still can do it but I have not done it for months now. Well, I took out my telephone in my cell and said to the telephone that it was unfair to mistreat me just because I want to go to ask for help elsewhere. The cop heard me speaking and came to ask me the telephone I refused. He insisted with a string tone I kept my position calmly. He went to take the key to open the door and take the telephone by force and I tildvto my telephone that if things reached that level it would be very hurtful for mor than one. The cop came back but when he was opening a chief appeared and told him to leave me alone and not to lock me. Who called the chief? Why was I put to jail if UNHCR head of office told me to pass the bight at the police station? In 2015 the problem of islamists of bokoharam was the first topic in this part of Africa. So under the excuse of views of bokoharam policemen entended to keep me there. I refused all they offered me that day as food and in hurry they sent me to the police of migration at Adree. It is the Chadian city at the border with Gineina of Sudan. My long fight with humanitarian organizations had just started. I wanted to ask UNHCR to help me to cross to Sudan but I did it without any help. The story of those days is long and I often feel shame to tell it. I have been the most foolish stupid man of the world to keep believing that I would be helped. So I do not often tell it. Still, if you come to me I may find words to tell you part of something. The second time I had to fight UNHCR was in Khartoum. I asked them to help me to go back to Congo but even if I was sleeping in the road and sometimes eating what I could find in refuses they felt neither pity nor sympathy. When I blocked one of their doors they called the policemen and took me to my second session of strike of hunger that lasted 15 days. There is where IOM entered in the game to give me the flight tickets I give here. I said that I had a card of human right that granted me the right to live in Sudan from September 2015 till September 2016. The cops of Tina chad took it from me alongside the decision of the court of last month. The senior protection officer at that moment was Mister Berhane Taklu-Nagga +249-0912178199, +249-0183471101, email: nagab@unhcr.org but if Mister Berhane does not answer contact the chief security officer Mister Yassir +249-01818093. He is the one who called police to catch me in front of UNHCR gate. I approached MONUSCO in D.R.Congo for help and I remember that after hearing my story the agent of the office of human rights was called and when he came back he started doubting everything I was saying. He clearly showed me that I was annoying him by my story about Bill Gates hunting me and he asked me what I wanted. I said I want to feel out of his sphere of power. He smiled and gave me appointment for the coming week. When I passed he sent somebody to tell me that he was busy and that had to pass back in afternoon. I decided to wait outside when I saw a cop coming running to ask who was disturbing there. I was silent like a carp so I hardly could imagine that he had been sent for me. I was wrong. He gave description of the man he was called to kick out and the fate fell on me. He told me that no matter why I came he was sent to tell me to leave. I left and I did not just left the facilities of MONUSCO in ''la kombé'' street but I left that country. I said to myself that I had done fifteen years in different countries crossing boundaries like a river so I can reach Europe and work on my projects without naming Bill Gates or any other rich man of his world. I forgot that when I was sent to jail in Sudan my brothers had collected money to send it to me to help me but lies after lies Didier succeeded to keep the money with him. I love my brothers like a babe loves his mama. I can pass day without speaking to anyone around me but if you ask to my brothers what is my biggest defect they will say that I am talkative. I hate speaking but I never find the strength to stop when I start with them. Since September 2016 when they helped the rebels to torture me I cut till now. Well, I was going out of Congo to escape my hunters but I had more than a GPS signal in me: my love for my brothers. The next actors of humanitarian organizations were in Ndele. Like I said it Madame Levi told me that UN had no mandate for researchers whose life is in danger. She added that it is like those who are moved out of their countries because of drought they cannot be registered like refugees. So I had to accept what the rebels were asking me. At first I used the connection of IOM to talk with my brothers in Ndélé but they caught me one day and called policemen. I received my ration of blows for the occasion. If you ask Jennifer Katherine Gates she will tell you better about that day when general Kanton came personally to see me in my custody site. If you take me on face book you will have more about this story in Ndélé. But the commander Danish in charge of blue casks in Ndélé knows more about all this +236-75550358. If you cannot reach him contact Beppe lovoi by mail. He is in the office of human rights in Ndélé with Levi and Daniel lovoi@un.org. But even if I said in Facebook that perhaps the red cross helped me to recuperate my telephone when I decide to fast 8 days after my torture seance I should say that when they came to know that I was using their line to tell about the injustices I was facing they changed the code. I went to their head of office and he shouted on my calling me spy. Première Urgence International did the same when they heard about a man who is using Internet in he city. These organizations never minded who could connect to their line or not but when I arrived there ALL THE CODES were changed. And only the IT-man could give it to you if you are worthy. It means that if you are a beautiful girl, a seller in the market with whom he can arrange prices or if you are his parent. After the office of human rights in Ndélé I should tell you again about Hassan Saleh of UNHCR of Zalingie. He told me that Sudanese policemen are good people. I said that they beat me and he said that they are good to you but if you do not want to obey them there is where they can be harsh with you. I said that so they are like policemen of anywhere. They treat you fine if you submit to their requests that are often out of human reason or even inhuman. But they become animalic when it is the only way remaining to subdue you. Well, this he said it when he was abandoning us in the hands of policemen for them to lock me again. So he gave me a number he does not often use and closed that telephone. UNAMID of Tina Sudan tied me and handled me over to police. One of them said that I was in danger and I came to them for help. The chief of blue casks took him apart and talked to him in low voice and then came back to ask his soldiers to tie me and to put me in the car. I refused to go even if they threatened to callbthe police to come to take me there. I knew UNHCR had done it in the same country but I thought that UN was more humanitarian than UNHCR. But I was wrong. When I fled from Tina Chad I came directly to stand in front of he door of UNHCR of Iriba. They answered me that they have charge only of refugees of Sudan. I had to go to the capital for help. I answered that I see no problem with this for as much as get can listen to my problem being here and if this time I am lucky enough to win in the lottery of humanitarian organizations I will go to N'Djamena to take my lot. They took me to the police just like the tradition wants it. And last week they told me that they heard about my matter but like they already told it to me I should go to N'Djamena if I want protection. But they insisted on the fact that nothing was sure. So I took out my traditional wapon: the strike of hunger. I served them three splendid days without food. The chief of security came to handle me to police for them to see my case because UNHCR was discharging itself of me. The commissioner took me to the court and the threat was the same: to be sent back to Congo. I told them that I am striking to bring them to their senses. If they dare to send me to Congo it is a dead corpse that will reach the land. In court the procurator said that I passed too much proofs so they should let me relax. I will not be sent to Congo. They were all expecting me to break my strike after the reaction of UNHCR and the decision of the procurator but I passed ahead. Last Friday 23 of December 2016 was the third day and UNHCR sent the commissioner to make a deal with me. I write that I agree to go to N'Djamena and they give me money but I take a different way. OK, if it is possible to make business using bribe in humanitarian organizations I should load myself like the last to hear about it. But this is not the worst. UNHCR in Iriba made me write nine pages of all this story and give it to them. If they know that I am trying to reach Europe passing by Libya and they are ready to take out money of rich philanthropists to give it to me for that end I ask if I am the one being wrong in my view but I deeply feel that something is not turning circly. Well, I am stubborn by nature. I was very tired but when the offer was made I answered that I do not acept their money. I want protection. The commissioner told me to take all my small goods and to go to stay in UNHCR since I was disposed to no agreement. I did it. People were passing and looking at me on that road with my little bagages. I felt tried and deeply pained for my hunger so I slept on my bags there on the road before UNHCR for more than three hours. At last the Prefect told the commissioner of police to tell me to stand from there and he will arrange for a common ground between UNHCR and me. It was to be done today but... Well, they convinced the boy who crossed all these trials with me to accept to go back to Congo. It is an achievement indeed! I felt him to be too weak for such a fight. But he loves emotions and thrilling sensations. But if at last he takes the way ofba normal life...
They are using him like the option of despair to make me bend. I know that I took him out of hell in the streets of that country in war. He was on the way to be a master of war or at least a master of gangs. I wrote that he was the one to have everything I found if I pass away. But please, make sure this never happen. In my will that is on ######## I gave another option that should be followed if I am not more and Augustin does not prove worthy to all this. I will not make the proof reading before publishing. I know they are looking for what I plan. Then before bit is too late I want it to be known. I will join some copies but I cannot say what will go and what will be blocked. I give you my phone number ###########. I am trying to open an account on whatapp on the way. Please, if you can do nothing at least spread all this.
Answer me the msilnl that I will use to send this to you. But you can used ############### too.
########: kay's Franck
########: kay's franck

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Letter to Élise Lucet. Letter 1.

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