Letter to Nicolas Cage

Open letter from Diego Zanchin to Nicolas Cage
“New challenge for Benjamin Franklin Gates”

Saturday 16 November 2019,

Dear Nicolas Kim,
my name is diego zanchin and I'm your Italian fan. Every two years I organize the Cittadella Geo Film Festival.

Do you would like to tell the greatest story ever told about the slavery of the human race?
The sequel of the "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" it could be: "National Treasure: The Straw man theory - the origin of modern slavery".

Do you know in how many ways you can write your name and surname and why in legal documents these change form? (Example: NICOLAS CAGE, Nicolas CAGE, Nicolas Cage or nicolas cage)

Ingredients for a film script:
Vatican: "bulla pontificalis" Bonifacio VIII Pope,
City of London Corporation
Treasury Building (Washington, D.C.)
American Declaration of Independence
Birth Certificate
Black Low Dictionary
International maritime salvage law and much more.
See you soon. Bye

Diego Zanchin


Author: Diego Zanchin

Letter to Nicolas Cage. Letter 1.

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